My name is Neil Ghuman and this is my very first post to my blog / website neilghuman.com.  Today's date is 5/5/2018, Cinco De Mayo for those who celebrate.  it's sunny outside, 56 Fahrenheit degrees and today I am hanging out with my son.  The day will be epic as usual as we have may plans for today. Stay tuned, more to come.






Your site has some commonly used modules already preconfigured. These include:

  • Image Module which holds the image beneath the menu. This is a Custom module that you can edit to change the image.
  • Most Read Posts which lists articles based on the number of times they have been read.
  • Older Articles which lists out articles by month.
  • Syndicate which allows your readers to read your posts in a news reader.
  • Popular Tags, which will appear if you use tagging on your articles. Just enter a tag in the Tags field when editing.

Each of these modules has many options which you can experiment with in the Module Manager in your site Administrator. Moving your mouse over a module and clicking on the edit icon will take you to an edit screen for that module. Always be sure to save and close any module you edit.




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For example you can change the site background color, highlights color, site title, site description and title font used.

More options are available in the site administrator. You may also install a new template using the extension manager.


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